Why you should print your photos

October 11th, 2017

Why are photos important?

How many times have you reminisced about events and situations with family and friends today or this month or even year? The common sentence starts with "do you remember when.......?" During some of those situations, how many times have you thought to yourself "Would it not be good if we could relive that moment again?" Sadly, as humans we have not yet mastered the art of time travel so all that we have of past situations are memories. Some of us are lucky enough to capture those memories as photographs but there is a problem, one of epic proportions and I will tell you about why it is a problem so bear with me.

Photographs are our only real record of the past that we can see and remember where we were and what we were doing. However the advent of social media means that many of our images stay in digital format but are sometimes difficult to scroll through to get to the right ones immediately. Printed photographs give you a distinct advantage, they can be touched, seen, felt, shared and organised just as easily as on the world wide web. This is where we as a Fujifilm retailer play a major part in archiving your life stories. There is no need to have to hunt for the photo you want to see once you've printed it, you just pick it up, look and remember yourself in that moment.

For many of us, myself included photographs are the only memories left of a loved one after they pass on. Though it is a very sad time missing that person, your images tell a story of how that person shared that special space in your life and heart. You are able to view that photograph whenever you like and you know instantly where you were and what you were doing and the laughs you shared. In my own life, I regret not taking enough photographs and so the ones that I have of my dear mother, remind me of the times that we shared together as a family. Unfortunately time waits for nobody so one day we will all get old and photographs will tell our children and grandchildren and other generations of how we lived our lives. As Sylvester Stallone famously said in the film Rocky Balboa (2006) "You know, the older I get the more things I gotta leave behind, that's life."

The main message of this article is PRINT MORE PHOTOS - one day people will want to look at your life story, what is it you want to tell them?

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"You don't take a photograph, you make it" (Ansel Adams American photographer)

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